Willow Creek Ranch

at the Hole in the Wall


A historic 57,000 acre, actively operating cattle and horse ranch in the heart of Wyoming.

Ranch History

Learn more about the rich and captivating history of Willow Creek Ranch.

Ranch Experience

Willow Creek is a working cattle ranch. Learn more about how you can be part of the ranch experience.

Hunting & Fishing

Learn more about what Willow Creek has to offer for hunters and anglers. 

What is the Hole in the Wall?

The outlaw period in Western History lasted only about 30 years (1875-1905), but the cattle rustlers, horse thieves and train robbers of this era still capture our imagination. Between escapades, the Wild West outlaws fled to hideouts to plan their next move. The Hole-In-The-Wall refers to both the fertile valley where gang members pastured stolen livestock, and to the narrow trail up over the red wall – the only way into the valley from the east.

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Willow Creek Ranch
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