When not camping out under the stars, guests can choose to stay at either the ranch headquarters, cowboy bunkhouse, or a remote cabin on the prairie.

Cowboy Bunkhouse One of the original buildings on the ranch, the log bunkhouse has been refurbished with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a cozy den, a glass porch and the ranch kitchen where all meals are served family-style around a large wooden table.

Log Cabin Also at ranch headquarters, the “McDonald Cabin”, named in honor of the ranch founder, is a log cabin with a beautiful view of the red wall from the front porch. The cabin is propane-operated and has a modern bathroom. All meals are served next door at the cowboy bunkhouse.

Prairie Cabin – Located eight miles from the ranch headquarters, the Prairie Cabin transports you to the days of the homesteader. This log cabin can accommodate up to five people and has propane lights, stove, and refrigerator. The outdoor shower and first-rate outhouse ensure an uninterrupted view of the countryside! We stock the kitchen with food and the corrals with horses, then check on you every day. From the swing on the front porch you can see for miles in every direction and enjoy a peaceful getaway from civilization.