Ranch Experience

The various day-to-day activities at Willow Creek Ranch are typical of a large cattle operation and guests are invited to join in such things as branding, riding fence and checking on and moving the herd.

We have three campsites set up complete with chuckwagons and tepees for camping out under the stars and sampling wonderful dutch-oven cooking.

Foto: Martin Langels / 4CornersWillow Creek Ranch 2007-06-02The-Hole-In-The-Wall, Hole In The WallBarry CragoThe ranch also boasts lots of good trout fishing and lots of beautiful vistas to be explored on horseback. You can even try your hand at target practice and skeet shooting. We work with you to plan each day according to your desires to make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

At various times during the summer we gather and trail our cattle to far away pastures to give the grasses a rest. We spend some days gathering and moving the cattle and sometimes can camp out along the way.